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Distinct Kind of Passion – Karac Grubb

Mhar Delaben: Tell us about how you lived your life as a game farm owner, breeder and a cocker?
Karac Grubb: Little something about me, I grew up in the cocking world as a third-generation cockfighter in the mountains of Kentucky. I competed in many different pits such as Mount Sterling, Delrio Sunset, Bayou Club Pound Virginia, Phil Young McDowell, Clyde Johnson, The 440 Club and many different pits across America when it was legal. I travel the world to places such as the Philippines and Mexico to test my bloodlines, and I’ve been very successful in places like Dumaguete, Davao, Cebu, Manila and most of Northern Mexico. Making champions here and there and now I’m endorsing Battlecock products. I can see no ending loving this game until the day I’m long gone. My bloodlines are Lacy Roundhead, Colonel Givens, Hatch, Kelso, Regular Greys and Claret.

Mhar Delaben: How did you get into this sport?
Karac Grubb: I grew up in the gamefowl industry and over the years I have made many friends around the world my love of the game as continue to grow daily as I strive to breed the perfect warrior as time goes by I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on breeding conditioning selecting and so on I find myself spending more and more time in the Philippines some of the best people I’ve ever met in my entire life. Philippines is really an extraordinary place with extraordinary people with the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen.

Mhar Delaben: That’s a great compliment for us. Where did it all start breeding gamefowl and where did AK 47 come from?
Karac Grubb: Most of my bloodlines came from the Cox family which are acquired in 1996 the Roundheads, the Kelso and Greys. After that, I joined the army and I was an infantry soldier where I earned the name AK-47 for some reasons, and that’s the history behind my gamefarm name.

Mhar Delaben: Tell us about your farm in the Philippines and in the US?
How did you manage them effectively?
Karac Grubb: I have a farm in El Paso Texas which I manage myself and my wife. My family is a big part of the farm and without my wife Ivonne I could never have the success I have today. In the Philippines, my farm is in Davao which I partnered with Julie SY and Mr SY and both have been an outstanding partner and very helpful. I got great local friends too, and they are Jong Daed and Brian Calingacion these friends helped me and propelled me to where I am today, and I am sure I have more friends to be named.

Mhar Delaben: What are your best performing bloodlines, and how would you describe each of their ability?
Karac Grubb: My bloodlines in the Philippines such as the Lacy Roundheads, they are very smart and brainy fowl that can fly in the air and on the ground with ease. My Kelso, they are power chickens that can really cut and get the job done. My Clarets is a well rounded complete fighter in any style or weapon. My Joe Goode Greys they are very intelligent bloodline, they get used to waiting for their opponents before hitting them, but deadly cutting skills.

Mhar Delaben: What supplement or enhancers do you use during the keep?
Karac Grubb: I only use BattleCalc products such as Premoxil 550 Antibiotics Vitman Pro Wormals and el Toro egg 1000. They all have been very effective in my conditioning and breeding programs. The battle cock company supplies nothing but the top quality products.

Mhar Delaben: How systematic are you when it comes to recording?
Karac Grubb: Recordkeeping is a must, and one of the most important things that you can do to improve each year. If you don’t know what you’re breeding and have a good recording system there’s no way for you to be successful many years down the road, so, recordkeeping is a must.

Mhar Delaben: In your opinion, what bloodline if bred could be a game-changer in the long knife style of fighting?
Karac Grubb: The bloodlines which are competitive in the Philippines are my Roundheads, Clarets, Kelso, Joe Goode Greys and Sweaters. They are all smart deadly cutters and healthy bloodlines which I have maintained for the past 20+ years.

Mhar Delaben: What are the bloodlines you raise in your farm and how many do you raise yearly?
Karac Grubb: I am a fighter at heart I really don’t like to sell too many chickens but as my name has grown I’m starting to sell if you quality bloodlines which mainly go to the Philippines and Mexico I raise 300to 400 stags per year here in the states and Around 500 in the Philippines.

Mhar Delaben: Where do most of your production go?
Karac Grubb: My keys to success has been friends family and people that I have met over the years but one person that really sticks out in my mind would be The Sizemore brothers Richmond and Lonny really consider those guys some of the best fighters I’ve ever seen in my entire life and would not be in the position I am today without those people.

Mhar Delaben: What’s your thought about this scammers roaming around social media?
Karac Grubb: Scammers and no good people in this world will always be out there all we can do as a Cocker as your part B honest treat people as you want to be treated and have honour and dignity in what you do.

Mhar Delaben: What’s your advice to those who are just starting breeding chicken?
Karac Grubb: My message to the beginner is just honest and be true to yourself as you know the difference between right and wrong, do people the way that you want to be treated and I always work hard to accomplish your goals never surrender.

Mhar Delaben: Does this new digital magazine Purebred Warrior a help for you?
Karac Grubb: I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity for this interview I really appreciate what you’re doing in the new digital worrier is a hit and its success in my book.

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