Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

The chicken that saves me from trouble

As a teenager I always dream about becoming big into this gamefowl industry or maybe to be known as a good breeder one day. But that was only the beginning of a lifetime experience for a young man and there’s lot more to the “Game” than meets the eye. It takes hard work, patience and pride and lots of time to be the best but that still not good enough for most of the time. I remember the very first broke pair I got when I was 13 years old, there was a local man who earned lots of respect in to this sports, because of his stunning record bloodlines and his ability to breed a fighting machine he raised gamefowls more and more. From then on, I was surprised when he gave me his Bennett Grey rooster and a Leiper Hatch pullet. I was never been so glad to have a chickens of my own at an early age. I wanted to hug him but I just shook the hand like a man. The best chickens you will ever was the one being given to you, trust me I know I have been around the block with mine and made a little name for myself as a breeder, feeder and handler. So the next time someone says there’s no way you will be able to lay in there with the big timers, grit your teeth and push harder. As a young boy this roosters kept me from a lot of trouble and mischief and taught me life long lessons about myself and other people.

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