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Purebred Warrior Digital Magazine is a bi-monthly publication covering gamefarm owners, breeders as well as cockers in different areas of the world. The magazine focuses on the elite of this industry where they could give an insights and tips about farm management, facility management, proper breeding of a fowl to its perfection in order to meet the highest standard and to maintain the quality of its fowl.

Purebred Warrior Digital Magazine is a cost effective and a loved-niched magazine by breeders and cockers across the globe. The magazine could bring businesses into a higher level because of the involvement of a certain invidual that has a wider scope of exposure through their social media platforms.

Our followers over Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and on website is continously growing, and social media support and its foundation direct from different areas of this industry where the elite breeders and gamefarm owners from USA, Mexico and in the Philippines are the main influenced and strong backbone supporters of the magazine.

Distribution Possibilities are Endless
Publishing digitally, means publishing globally. At the click of a button, our publication can be seen by readers across the world. Our audience is no longer limited to specific distribution markets, allowing us to expand our readership and create an even more global perspective for our publication. Add the ease of sharing said publication via social media and email, and our audience is as big as you’d like to make it.

The publishing industry is ever-changing in today’s era, and the opportunities for different aspects of the industry are huge. Apart from the brilliant potentials, the modern technology offers to advertisers and publishers, the real winners will eventually be the end-users.

The magazine will be an online platform aimed to bring the game farm owners, breeders and cockers together all around the Philippines and Overseas to gain inspiration from success stories, give and take advice from the champions, news update, get exclusive offers, source suppliers and look for the latest trends of breeding strategy. The underlying theme of this digital issue is to create genuine connections.

There are more than 35 Game fowl Breeders Associations based on the Philippines and millions of Filipinos living across the globe supporting the sports.

Going Digital Means
Persistence: As long as we wants and allows, digital magazines remain available. In the same way, an advertiser’s message remains readily available longer than it would be available in print. Online magazines persevere with giving. We maintain the back issues readily available online, so that the target audience for a particular issue continues to grow up over time.

Eco-friendly: There is no ink, paper or chemicals used in the digital magazines. They don’t block any landfill. Even small magazine editions say having 65 pages, and a limited circulation of 20k, consumes over 12 tons of paper with every issue.

Search Engine Friendly: The biggest benefit of digital magazines are that it can be indexed easily by leading search engines, giving yet another way to entice readers to your target message. Readers who want specific latest information can turn up or arrive at a digital magazine page simply as they may at a website.

Swift, reliable access: Digital magazines are dynamic. They can be instantly accessed and read on tablets, smartphones, and other digital magazine platforms, anywhere and anytime. They can be digitally stored and shared immediately with a single click. Digital magazines deliver real-time information to readers rapidly. There is no longer a delay between occasion/happening/incident and publication.

Global Audience Reach: Digital publishing has the benefit of reaching readers ahead of local boundaries. It has become an influential way to sustain reader’s interest and preserve reader loyalty even if they have moved to any another location – you can still make your magazine reach to anywhere readers are by delivering them access to printed magazine via our digital edition.

Key Functions
The key offerings and functions of the digital issues will be as follows:

  • Read inspirational and insightful stories of successful game farm owners, breeders and cockers and understand how they have achieved their success.
  • Scrapbook section where the featured breeders can showcase their game farms and fowls through photos.
  • Following all the latest news that will be of interest of the breeders and cockers within their respective locations.
  • Get direct and correct advice from other game farm owners and breeders on how to save money on breeding program, how to maintain particular bloodlines of the fowls, dos and don’ts when dealing the farm, etc.
  • Keep up to date with the latest events in the community
  • An active Community Section on our Facebook page where small time backyard breeders and common folk can post questions and answers, source suppliers and search for desired gamefowl bloodlines.
  • Attractively designed social media banners will drive traffic to the website.

Launched Edition

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1 year ago

I still can not log in can you please email me thank you

Josh Cox
1 year ago

I can not get in to my account please email me at thank you

Rudolf Thaler
2 years ago

where is the Magazine now?

Rudolf Thaler
Reply to  Mhar Delaben
2 years ago

Looks like i just gave away 20 bucks for nothing….

Mhar Delaben
Reply to  Rudolf Thaler
2 years ago

Hey bud 🙂 is everything ok now? i’ll guarantee you friend that your money is not up for nothing…. 😀 promise cheers to you bud

Reply to  Mhar Delaben
2 years ago

Hi Mhar, same issue with me just paid 20$
Its waiting for some time?
Thank you

Reply to  Mhar Delaben
1 year ago

I just joined. Im not able to log in.

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