Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Better days are yet to come…

To all of our folks and friends in different walks of life, greetings from the Lord God Almighty!
The world we live in is in chaos and panic due to a Covid-19 pandemic. None of us could able to identify who’s next, and better yet prepare for the worst to come.

Stay-at-Home order is one of the most straightforward instructions from authority to all constituents of the world, and yet it’s a challenging and stressful thing to do to those lives who cannot be able to sustain a day without working for a living. Entirely, on the contrary, failing to do so would jeopardize everything that you have — your family, yourself and all humankind.

A profound message to all people that Coronavirus is a disease that can teach wisdom beyond our understanding of how uncertain and precious life is. Going back to the basic are one of the many fundamental things that we need to consider as the wise man saying ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’.

Be mindful to what is important to you and your household as we already enter the periods of quarantine and self-isolation. It clearly shows that this pandemic is guiding us about the importance of being together in times of this great disturbed.

Helping those in need is another typical attitude of a person that doesn’t require a degree or religion. Give help without expecting any in return, pray for all and pay homage to all Frontliners.

On this issue 8 of Purebred Warrior Magazine, we are so delighted to bring and give you the best of this gamefowl industry has to offer.

We are covering Nene Abello of Nene Abello Gamefarm and featuring the President of KYGBA Michael Terry of Whitehackle Gamefarm and Xavier Rodriguez Barrios a 2019 Champion in Gaff World Championship in Mexico.

We are going to introduce to you the new section of the magazine which is the “Kakampi ng mga Bagong Bayani – The OFW Story.” We are giving highlights and exposure to all of our Seaman Sabungeros and Nurses working abroad.

That’s it!!! Please enjoy reading and we are looking forward to your continued support for our magazine.

On behalf of my partner Neroe Lee and the Team Purebred Warrior, we believed, “Better days are yet to come”. Keep safe, observe social distancing, stay at home, spend quality time to your family and most of all, keep on praying.

Much love, peace and blessings!

Your cock-a-doodle-doo-friend,

Mhar Delaben
Publisher/Creator of Purebred Warrior

One of the icons of the Philippines sabong industry and widely known for his sought winningest line Possom 226 Sweater strain. Rafael G Abello of Nene Abello Gamefarm

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