Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Bull Rider being toast by Animal Rights Activists!

We live in a particular world where only good and bad represent every walks of life. There some might intimidate you over the things you get used to it or the things you love. It is indeed for you to define the ways of being kind and wicked into this world.

Take a look at this video, a perfect example of how a bull rider being toast by people who are advocating animal rights, yet he remains with his heart and virtue. He stood his ground and defended what he thinks is just and right for him despite for being ridiculed, mocked and laughed by these bunch of hypocrites!

He may have a different approach on how things more likely to him, but he did try his best as a gentleman. What if he is not alone in that situation and he’s with someone who educated enough to speak with conviction? One thing is for sure; no one will ever ridicule you, mocked you, and even laughed at you. If you want your justice to be rightly served you well, educate yourself and be with those people who gather in the same purpose. There is power in numbers; unite is a must!

On the other hand, Twenty million chickens are killed each week to feed consumers in the UK. I would love to see these bunch of hypocrites to stand in front of KFC with their cards up!

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