Thu. Jul 9th, 2020



To all of our folks and friends in different walks of life, greetings from the Lord God Almighty!

“This emergency-situation that hit the world because of the coronavirus shutdown has motivated us to try to help as best we can.” As we all know, the world we live in is in chaos and panic due to a COVID-19 pandemic.

Since we are in the periods of quarantine and self-isolation, staying home plays a more significant role in the precautionary safety measure of all.

Though, it is a challenging and stressful thing to do to those lives who cannot be able to sustain a day without working outside for a living.

On behalf of #PWBreedersHeart benefaction, we would like to run a “REACH OUT FOR HELP” crowdfunding to fight COVID-19 in this great hour of need.

We’ll be doing a donation drive or a benefit auction to help less fortunate families who stay at home struggling to make up for their living just to survive from this pandemic.

If you wish to donate or participate to the cause, a ‘Contribute Now’ button link is available for your monetary support.

All proceeds will turn into a packed of essential commodities for the family, and it will be shared relatively to recipients. Keep safe and #StayHome for your family.

Breeder’s Heart Feeding Program 2019

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