Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

How to prepare in stag derby

Stag derby is very popular today because there is a big amount of money if you are lucky and become the champion. Stag derby is an annual event held in the different places of the Philippines by different game fowl breeder association like GFBAN ( Gamefowl Breeders Association of Negros), NGBA  (Negros Gamefowl Breeders Association ), Digmaan, and Bakbakan. There are lots of things to consider on how to prepare in stag derby. You need first to become a member of any accredited game fowl breeder association, your stag needs to be banded earlier; you need to pay a membership fee, etc.
If you wish to join in stag derby, you need to invest in breeding material, feeds, vaccination, vitamins, and look for a good handler and gaffer. Stags need much attention particularly in giving them proper feeds, vitamins, and training. In my case, I feed my stag using BMEG stag developer, give them vitamin B12 tablet every day, and inject them with Bexan XP every 15 days that will serve as their pre-conditioning because I believe that a healthy stag will have a greater percentage of winning in the pit.
Selection is also a very important factor when you want to join in stag derby. Some of the things to consider on how to prepare in stag derby are that you need to select the best stag. Select a healthy stag, medium to high station, good posture and possess a superior fighting style.
The handler is the one who will in charge of feeding program and exercise of the stag. There is a conditioning method to be used in preparing to stag derby. Below is the basic stag conditioning that can be a reference when preparing in a stag derby:

There are different materials used as scratches like banana leaves and corn husks.  Put some scratch material into a scratch box and let the stag do some scratching activity. Make sure the stag are hungry so that they will keep on scratching. You can throw some crack corn so that stag will encourage to scratch.

Light and Noise
Make the fighting stags familiar with the lights by doing walking routine around your personalize pit and playing loud sounds to make them familiar with the noise.

Tailing and Breaking
Warm up your fighting stags by tailing and walking, so that they will improve their stamina.

Spar the fighting stags with different fighting styles opponent stag and different colours like Hennie, white, grey, black, Bulik, and red.

Catch Cock
Practice the stags to strike on air and on the ground before feeding in the morning and in the afternoon using Asil cock.

Rotate your fighting stag by placing them in flying pen and chord area.

The role of gaffer in stag derby is very important, find a gaffer that is very experienced and it is important that the gaffer knows the fighting style of your fighting stag. If possible during training and sparing of your fighting stag the presence of a gaffer is important so that they become familiar with the fighting style of your fighting stag.


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