Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Battle Cross Team

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Mhar Delaben

Founder – Publisher

Raised in the City of Smile – Bacolod, Philippines. On the year 2004, I was raising my Hatch x Democrat game-birds before handing it over to my cousin, I tasted and felt the unimaginable feeling of winning the first and the last ‘HACK FIGHT’ of my life before moving to Dubai – Beginner’s luck, I supposed!

I am a multi-disciplinary creative individual and been to work as Head of Design in one of the giant publishing company in the UAE. I created and conceptualized Purebred Warrior Digital Magazine from scratch and this is one of my biggest accomplishment by far. Proficient in Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Illustration, Photography & Videography. Eager to learn about breeding gamefowl and I can able to drive you and tour-around the Seven Emirates of the UAE. Vlogging and poetry are the ones that I am trying it hard to achieve.

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Neroe Arleigh Lee

Co-founder and Director

Hailing from Zamboanga City, Nurse by profession I was raised by a father who is passionate about breeding gamefowls. Our home was just ordinary and with it comes some sparring marital fights that momentarily took away my affection to my father. I was convinced gamefowls were just cash cow with no returns until one day my father sold few of his bird to raise money for our school dues and that moment change everything.

Breeding became our bonding from then on and sharing a passion with my father changed my life forever. To the readers of this magazine, I say to you I only play the role of Robin here but the level of wisdom and passion we share is mature enough that we could pull the strings together and produce a world-class magazine that is taking on the industry by storm since its conception.

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