Mon. Sep 27th, 2021



PW Issue 9 Cover Story:
Mayor Nilo E Lizares
of Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines and represents BNL Gamefarm
Exclusive Interview:
Michael Terry of Terry Whitehackle Gamefarm and President of KYGBA
Crystal Vaughn of Little Creek Farm
Ediomar Cambron of North Alabama Gamefarm — (on progress)

Insight Story:
Jeffery Rongcales of Redstrains Gamefarm
Henry Becca Atienza of HB Red Braveheart Gamefarm — (on progress)
Chicken Thoughts
Chicken Trivia

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Who are we?
We are a modern-day gamefowl media that has a worldwide footprint conquering limitations of traditional mediums and bridging stakeholders of the gamefowl industry in the 21st century.

Beautifully produced, bi-monthly magazine connecting to the best of breeders and cockers preserving the heritage and knowledge across the globe. Appealing to the gamefowl industry’s most affluent aficionados and game-farm owners; Purebred Warrior Magazine is the Roosterman’s most popular and innovative gamefowl magazine. Every other month we deliver engaging interviews from different walks of life and a mix of editorial, all the best breeders and effective distribution digitally to provide our readers with an intimate knowledge of the industry’s many pleasures and all things to inspire.

With the dawn of digital aged 90% of Sabungeros owns one or more digital devices such as cell phone and all if not most of which can access the internet.

What sets us apart?
Our team is comprised of OFW sabungeros enthusiast with extensive expertise in the field of design such as web and magazine but not limited to field related. Social media analytics and advertising expert also handles most of our online medium that ensures targeted audiences are always the scope. The magazine itself is oozing with quality that certainly exceeds what is available in the market. Above all, what sets us apart is our ability to connect with our audience and set a new trend in the industry dominated by old rivals that are about to be outdated. Honestly, our team comprised of dreamers and doers who are proven the best in their craft.

Who are we connected?
Purebred Warrior Magazine is continuously growing in numbers from different social media platform. We launched the first issue last August 15, 2018, the support and its recognition from different breeders along with their proven track record and achievements were so overwhelming. The elite aficionados from the Philippines and in the United States recognized us and a vast influenced to the magazine.

For the record; Congressman Sonny Lagon and Chairman Bernandino Tacoy support us, and both advertise as our major sponsors. We are highly recognized and appreciated both National and International breeders.

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