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Breeders Heart Reach Out Program 2021

Breeder’s Heart Feeding Program is one of the many reasons why Purebred Warrior still stands despite all the hurdles they face. No matter what you do, volunteering is a selfless act that will help transform the lives of many people. A straightforward message that inspires Purebred Warrior to bring hope and joy by sharing and giving what we have to those who need it the most. I know, there so many wolves out there dressed like sheep and pretending to be a great help to others, but behind it all there you will see the true colours that shine within themselves.

Helping the community is fulfilling, especially in these trying times. If none would stand and do a thing for a cause, nothing will ever fall. Purebred Warrior believes in making a difference. It takes a big heart and kindness to help someone you don’t know and serving them with a good sense of purpose.

There so many hearted people out there willing to give help without asking any in return, and that is why Purebred Warrior is just a vehicle to reach out to those less fortunate people through the help that comes from our benefactors.

Last year we distributed 120 foodie-bags to the families in Quezon City area and this time we are aiming to distribute 200 to 230 families in Brgy Villamonte, Bacolod City.
If you would like to be part of our advocacy, you can share a little by clicking the below options:

Paypal Email Address:
PW Account Name: Marlou Pasilan Delaben
PW BDO Account No: 002112820288

PS: If you are a certified benefactor of Purebred Warrior, we will include you in our campaign materials and activities.

The Breeders Heart Feeding Program 2019

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