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Soup Party and Gift-Giving on Christmas Day

If we look back from where we came from, it always gives us hope to do something worth living with a purpose to others, not to our selves but the community. If we do something for someone else merely out of the kindness of our heart that’ll speak volumes about who we are as a person. As when we do to help others by sharing what we have, it gives them a chance to shine and possibly hope may come in there way.
We’ll never know how much that could mean to them when they are feeling low and taken for granted. If we are willing to help others without expecting anything in return, that could bring us joy and lasting happiness to ourself.

Purebred Warrior never underestimates the diversity you can make in the lives of others. For the second time of the year, Purebred Warrior teamed up again with the local friends in the area to help organize not just a feeding program, but a ‘Soup Party and a Gift-Giving Drive’ to let them feel the true spirit of the season.

“Sometimes, we may discover we helped the wrong person, but that should not be a reason to stop helping other people in need, even though we experience bad things previously. If we want to do good for our society, there are tons of opportunities everywhere, just don’t let that negative people spoil your good heart and deeds.” Instead, let stand up for someone who is in need so that it would build confidence in us to stand up for ourself at times when we required, so let step forward and reach out our help to someone that might need a lift.” Happy Christmas!

If you want to be part of this “Soup Party & Gift Giving Drive on Christmas Day” you can share any amount to add what we already have in our box of hope.

As the sign of our gratitude for your generosity, we will include your name under Purebred Warrior Benefactor. Indeed, we appreciate your kindness and support for this cause.

Our goal:

-• 100-200 Goody bags
-• Fun games for kids and Adults
-• Free food and drinks (music is on)

Purebred Warrior Benefactors of
Soup Party and Gift-giving Drive on Christmas

Ako Bisaya Party List
Arthur Contreras of El Chicano Gamefarm
Keith Maze
Anonymous Friend
Ronald Thompson
William Clemons
The Breeders Heart – Feeding Program 2019

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