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The Breeder’s Heart – Feeding Program 2019

Firstly, we would like to praise the Lord Almighty for giving us the strength and the will to do it with compassion. Secondly, on behalf of Purebred Warrior and Lasmedja, we would like to express our thankfulness and gratitude to Ako Bisaya Party List for the goodie bags and feeding program to our constituents.

I never thought that some things would come into its places. I grew up in a place where I used to paddle a trike bike for a living and occasionally, grooming and painting tombstone at the cemetery. Our parents taught us the value of sharing and kindness. I think everyone would agree on me about “sharing is caring”, but to me, there’s more than what it should be. It is a universal duty of an individual to survive in the real world and where kindness is one of the other best forms of humanity.

Our quest to extend our arms beyond the four corners of our society has achieved.

The Breeder’s Heart, Feeding Program 2019 took place recently, and it was undoubtedly a great success for everyone. Moreover, came out more meaningful than of the last year.

Purebred Warrior collaborative effort with Ako Bisaya Party List and Lasmedja friends-group made all this plan possible. Fortunately enough, the sun shines very well, so we took advantage of the weather because it’s been raining every single day, and that is why we kept rescheduling our cause.

The friend’s group of Lasmedja are incomplete due to some of their prior commitment, still, we managed to gather most of the ‘tri-sikad drayber’ or trike drivers and to our less fortunate companions to serve them with a delicious home-cooked ‘Arroz Caldo’ and giving them packed of goodie bags that contain rice, noodles and canned foods.

As they are reaching out for their goodie bags, you’ll see the true beauty of a sincere smile that lies on their faces. From there, my heart pounds for joy while seeing them happy and contented for the day. These moments remind me of my past, of which I thought life is unfair but indeed just.

We cannot pursue all of this effort without the help of each individual who arranges and organized everything. They participated in this cause patiently and voluntarily without asking any in return, and the value of their time is much appreciated. Admittedly, this great success deserves to have a beautiful keepsake to remember for the years to come.

We are looking forward to our next “The Breeder’s Heart, Feeding Program” not every year but whenever there are any possibilities to offering hopes and helps to our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the society.

The least you can do to make a big difference in your society is to do what you love what you do.

Don’t forget to share because it is fulfilling and always remind yourself to be kind in any way possible. If you want to support our cause and be one of the sponsors, please don’t hesitate to reach us, we are only Facebook away my friends.

We acknowledge the support of everyone’s involvement in this program:
Congressman Sonny Lagon – Ako Bisaya Party List
Mhår Beloved
Neroe Lee
Anthony Bug Morton
Adrian Francisco
Raul Hernandez
Keith Maze
Allan Nacionales
Jin Jin Nacionales
Nash Nacionales
Thirdy Nacionales
Jojo Nacionales
SN Oöp
Virgilio Aligonsa
Andrian Pagba
ToliTs Pagba
Hans Rigby
Nico Bryan Mendoza
Hernan Rafinian
Jack Compao
Cho Epitacio
Randolf Ray Baloyo

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