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The Inspirational Journey of a Professional Boxer and His Game Birds

In the world of professional boxing, every athlete draws inspiration from unique sources. For this dedicated boxer, his game birds not only represent a fierce mentality in the ring but also serve as a grounding force amidst life’s storms. Join us on a journey through the chicken yard, where strength, family, and the spirit of competition come together.

Jose Ramirez holding one of JCR GF Signature line.

Growing up as a youth athlete, I was immersed in the world of sports, participating in various disciplines like track and soccer. However, it was boxing that truly captured my passion. As an amateur boxer, I approached each match with the mindset of a game bird – striking first, fast, and with unyielding strength. Little did I know that this mentality would continue to shape my life, even as I transitioned into the realm of professional boxing.
In the professional arena, I carry the spirit of those purebred game birds with me. They serve as my constant inspiration, driving me to work harder and push myself to the limits of my physical and mental capabilities. The lessons learned from the ring are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of my daily life, influencing not just how I train but also how I face the storms that life inevitably brings.
Amidst the chaos and challenges, I find solace and joy in the haven of our chicken yard, surrounded by my family. It’s more than just a space for our feathered companions; it’s a place where we come together to build, laugh, play, and engage in discussions about our cherished chickens. Beyond the clucks and flaps, the chicken yard has become a classroom, teaching my children the intrinsic value of hard work, responsibility, and the circle of life.
Each departure for a rigorous training camp is met with a bittersweet farewell to the chicken yard. As I walk through the familiar space, I witness the game birds confidently traversing the rope pole, flirting, flapping their wings, and proudly crowing. Their energy becomes a source of motivation, reminding me of the unwavering strength and spirit that defines a true boxer.
In those moments, surrounded by the lively atmosphere of our chicken yard, I absorb the essence of these game birds. Their resilience, their fearless nature, and their unapologetic crowing serve as a powerful metaphor for the challenges I face in the ring. It’s a ritual that grounds me, aligns my focus, and mentally prepares me to step into the spotlight as a true boxer, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.
As I continue this journey, the bond between the ring and the roost remains unbroken – a testament to the interconnectedness of passion, family, and the pursuit of excellence. 

“In the chicken yard, amidst feathers and clucks, I find the strength to face the storms of life and prepare myself for the ring. These game birds are not just birds; they are my mentors and my source of inspiration.”

Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez and Senator Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao.

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