Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

The pandemic that solves the Rubik’s cube

Despite losing my job and still on the search for new opportunities, this pandemic taught me so well and here’s why:
In every situation, there’s always two sides of the story or two sides of the coin. I’m telling you this as my point of view observation, not as general information. I think this chaotic pandemic is not a burden at all. Indeed, it allows me to determine what better survival strategy do I have to take while whetting the routine of being a father, being active in our church community and being obedient ex-pat of Dubai for their safety measure instruction.
I’m going to spill the beans of my coffee! In every coin, there are these two sides, the heads and the tail.

Let’s talk about the heads side first:

The heads are always reliable in any particular decision making of your life like dwelling to the problem, entertaining negativity and taking things for granted. Certainly, it is worrying when you lose a job in times like this, and for sure, you were struggling to find new opportunities behind the competition. 

Now, for the tail side of my story, and mark me, It is a true story!

The tails are always looking up to where the heads may go and lead them. If your heads rest on the problem, then your tail probably be there too!

You have to make sure you are looking for a solution, and not for something to dwell on it and have pity about it. 

This pandemic teaches me something to become the greater version of who I was. I’ve been into the graphic design industry for more than 12 years. The skills, abilities and the good attitude that I acquired in my entire career in the UAE has been a big blessing to me. While the world still experiencing the wrath of the COVID-19, I took advantage of the time to learn new things like motion graphics, video editing, website designing with a little bit of coding for me to get close to my competition while searching for that next career adventure. The best part of being productive during the lockdown is stamping my 2 minutes and 38 seconds record solving the Rubik’s cube!

So, if you were looking for something like me, you can email me at I’ll be more than happy to prove it to you my value to your market place.

PS: If I can’t solve the cube in front of you, hire me not! 🙂

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