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How to start a small business in live stock

In business there’s always an ups and downs that you need to deal, and there’s some business that you don’t need to have a big capital to start with.

One good idea to start a small business in live stocks is to raise a native chicken. You need to have a space in order to start this kind of business. The things you need to consider starting this business aside from space is the roosters and hens that you are going to be use in your breeding. You need to plan how much you are going to produced. For example, your target is to produce 100 chickens with in the period of 4 months, so you need to have 20 hens that are ready to lay eggs and 5 roosters.

In the first month, let your hens to lay eggs, produce chicks after that, you are going to take care of the chicks for four months and then at the age of four months the chicken are now ready to sell in the market. There is no problem in selling native chicken because in the Philippines, lots of people who love and wants to eat native chicken. The usual menu for native chicken are chicken tinola, chicken binacol, native chicken lechon, native chicken adobo, and native chicken barbecue.

You can sell your native chicken at 250 pesos per head. If you can produce 100 chickens in four months then you will have 25,000 pesos. You are going to less your expenses, for example 10, 000 then you will have a net income of 15,000.

Aside from selling a four months old chicken, you can also sell a native chicken egg so that you can have another source of income out of your live stock business.

Photo credit to: BMG Jhocal Gamefarm – Gilmore hatch

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