Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Cong. SL — World Pitmaster Cup 7 Stag, Solo Champion

THE G. O. A. T. “G R E A T E S T O F A L L T I M E”
Cong. Sonny ‘SL’ Lagon has once again pulled another near-impossible feat to achieve, a very impressive and extremely hard to emulate 4-Peat World Pitmasters Cup Champion! Amidst his hard-work in Congress to protect the Gamefowl industry the man doesn’t seem to slow down at all tallying another grandest competition to his gargantuan collection. The one day 7-Stag Big Event Derby was truly star-studded & for a team to win S O L O is a feat itself. #SonnyLagon �
Thanks to friends from Purebred Warrior Magazine
the authority in Gamefowl artistry � Mhår. �Neroe

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